Gefährliches Halbwissen. Historische Tatsache.

Egal! Auf jeden Fall eine nette Geschichte, die da im Weltall rumgeistert….

We all remember the astronaut’s famous words; A small step for man…

Somewhat later, on his first moonwalk Neal Armstrong stated: »Good luck, Mr. Robinson.« without any further comment.
Later, NASA analysis of all speech came around to this comment and asked the astronaut what he meant in this statement. »Sorry, personal« was Mr. Armstrong’s reply. For more than 20 years no one could make him reveal the significance of these few words, until he was asked by a local show host at a charity show.

»Well« Mr. Armstrong says »They’re both dead now and it can’t do them any harm now.«

So he begins telling the host:
»At the age of 10, playing baseball, one of us hit the ball right up in front of our neighbours, Mr. & Mrs. Robinson’s bedroom window. As I go to pick up the ball, I hear loud voices inside. A woman’s voice cries out; „You want oral sex Alfred !!?? I’ll give you oral sex the day the kid next door walks on the moon!!!“«